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Microneedling Doctor

Side Effects of Microneedling

Dr. Susan Fox wants you to “Just Say No” …to unhealthy looking skin, that is. It’s time for you to experience the best skincare treatment in Miami, and one of the top trending aesthetic treatments in 2019. Microneedling is a non-invasive vivace treatment that smooths fine lines and wrinkles, decreases pore size, reduces acne scars, and tightens loose skin, all while also enhancing and brightening the skin.microneedling treatment in Miami

Fox Vein & Laser Experts offers, a method of Vivace microneedling that uses radio frequency to create heat to stimulates the body’s natural collagen and elastin production to contour and tighten the skin, resulting in glowing, youthful radiance — and who wouldn’t want that?

The device is FDA-approved to treat the face, neck, hands, and body, and shows immediate results after just one treatment. While there is no downtime required after having a Vivace RF microneedling treatment, and most patients find it to be pretty much pain-free, there are a few very minor, such as skin irritation or slight redness around the treated area, but these shouldn’t last for more than one or two days after your vivace skin treatment. These are normal, natural responses of the skin, and will go away on its own after a short period of time.

It is advised not to wear makeup or sweat for at least 24 hours post- laser skin care treatment. Your skin will also be much more sensitive to sunlight than it is normally, so be diligent about sunscreen use (as you should always be anyway)!

Some doctors do advise their patients to refrain from taking any sort of ibuprofen, acne treatment medication or topical retinoids prior to the treatment in order to reduce the risk of certain side effects and ensure you receive the best results possible from your microneedling experience.

Microneedling is not recommended for people who are pregnant, have open wounds, have a history of skin scars, have active skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, or recently have been exposed to radiation therapy.

At, you’ll find the best microneedling treatment in Miami; a result-driven treatment that will safely and effectively help you kick your skincare problems to the curb. Contact us today to schedule your Vivace RF microneedling appointment.

You can try the treatment on its own, or opt to add in a PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy) treatment as well. This duo has proven to be the best skincare “couple” on the market, as the patient’s platelets that are injected back into the body help to speed up the healing process and rejuvenate the appearance of the treated area, i.e., lifting the skin or decreasing wrinkles. Dr. Fox is excited to now offer both treatment options to her clients. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today!

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