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Vivace Microneedling vs Infini

Vivace microneedling vs infiniVivace and Infini are two of the leading micro-needling devices available today. They both come from competitive companies that have repeatedly innovated the micro needling industry. Both have developed new ways to improve non-surgical skin tightening procedures. But how do they stack up when compared against each other?

Insulated needles: 
There are many aspects of micro-needling that are important when you want the best treatment available. One of these is the use of insulated needles. Some groups don’t even bother to insulate the needles on their devices. This results in energy being poorly distributed and it heats up and stimulates the skin unevenly. Insulated needles leave most of the needle non-conductive so that the energy can be transmitted from the tips, getting a deeper penetration so that the joules enter the skin at a deeper and more effective level. Vivace has excellent needle insulation while Infini is still somewhat lacking.

Depth control: 
How deep the needles penetrate can also make a big difference to the treatment and how effective it is. Needle penetration not only changes the depth of penetration but at what level the energy from the micro-needling is entering the skin. This means that the more settings available, the better your treatment can be. Different depths are required for different areas of the skin. Vivace currently has thirty-one different depth settings which make it the best in the industry.

Energy distribution: 
Evenly distributing the energy from your micro-needling device is paramount to success. An even distribution means that the skin will not look patchy or have different recovery times. Even distribution can make a dramatic difference in the overall health of the skin as well since neglected areas do not crop up. Both devices are top of the line in this area; however, Vivace has a slightly better circuit board allowing for slightly more advanced energy distribution.

Energy levels: 
The amount of energy entering the skin can also make a big difference in your treatments. Research shows that more energy and fewer treatments are better for the skin. This allows you to get the maximum effect and take advantage of a longer recovery time ultimately boosting the final results. Both Vivace and Infini are top-of-the-line in this regard.

Comfort and ease: 
Vivace uses a robotic micro-motor which is new to the industry. This micro-motor allows for a slower, more controlled speed of needle penetration. The speed of penetration dramatically improves the comfort and ease of the treatment. Mechanisms that have more abrupt penetration tend to be more uncomfortable. This can even increase discomfort until it becomes actual pain. While Infini is not one of the worst offenders, Infini device still uses a solenoid snap motor which is less comfortable.

Radio frequency and LEDs: 
Vivace Is currently the only micro-needling device that uses a radio frequency system. This creates an incredible amount of customization and fine-tuning for each treatment. It also incorporates red and blue LEDs to stimulate collagen and to destroy acne-causing bacteria. These are innovations that Infini does not have.

Right now, one of the best micro-needling devices available is Vivace. Particularly with its new radio frequency technology which combines with two forms of LEDs and state-of-the-art needling you have some of the best technology in the industry. This device is also designed based on the most up-to-date, cutting-edge information we have for promoting skin health. Altogether, Vivace easily comes out ahead in the race to get the very best in skin treatment.

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